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A blend of myth and science. Each offering is a unique blend of NLP, Somatics and Wildcraft to support daily rituals, personal development, physical and emotional resilience.





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Tarot Somatics is a trauma-informed practice that integrates the symbols and meaning of Tarot cards to help you frame your experience, along with exploring the realm of the physical (body), the subconscious (emotions), and the nervous system (safety) through body-based learning, Somatics and NLP Coaching. 

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Small Batch Handmade Moon Ritual Kits


Each kit has been carefully crafted to work with the energy of the New Year, which pulls guidance from wildcrafting, herbalism, Somatics and the neuroscience of emotional resilience. 


Choose from a variety of Intentions for greater expansion, personal development, and emotional resilience as you work with your personal ritual kit under the guidance of the Moon and her various cycles.


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Next workshop date TBA. In collaboration with 8b Flower Company, a local flower farm you can create your own personal bouquet, and make your own Botanical Hand-rolled Intention/Spell Candle. Each participant takes home an additional Fall Ritual Kit. Workshops held in person at Kits Beach Coffee, 1945 Cornwall Ave.



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somatic pottery

Join Sarah every month for Somatic Pottery.This style of art and movement helps us to reconnect with our own sense of self, identity, and internal agency. These classes pull guidance from somatics and the artistic play of clay. Classes held in person at Kits Beach Coffee, 1945 Cornwall Ave.




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