7-week durability movement series





Restore, reset, and refocus your body and mind for the week ahead in this small-group class starting Sunday February 2nd, 2020.

Each week you’ll move through a different and progressive 60-minute class that explores distinctive aspects of longevity-based movement. Blending the science of biomechanics and the energetic anatomy of regeneration techniques this weekly class delivers the perfect balance to refocus.

You'll use intuitive movement to build joint strength, increase range-of-motion, improve tissue regeneration, and expand awareness. All to provide consistent therapeutic benefits for the longevity of your health, training, and life. 

Each class is carefully curated to create a sensory rich environment starting with breath work and sound bath tuned to a specific vibration to refocus and balance your body. The specific focus of each class is unique and progressive as outlined below, and ends with a regenerative focus using resonance breath-work, and lymphatic stimulation. 

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Vancouver, Canada

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Sunday's at 10:00 am

Starting Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 for 

7-consecutive weeks

Drop into one, or as many classes as you like.

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7-week durability movement series class schedule

class one — GROUNDed

Sunday February, 2nd 10:00 am

This class is a deep dive into the physical and energetic aspects of building stability from the ground up. You'll combine the elements of percussion-based breathwork with ground-based movement, as well as self-myofascial release techniques for the feet to connect to certain organs and bodily systems to create a sensory-rich environment that connects you to your physical experience of the present moment. 

class two — expanded

Sunday February, 9th

10:00 am

Tap into the power of breathwork. This class focuses on mobilizing the upper back and thoracic cage to improve access to the vastness that breath training can provide. Learn how to breathe properly to manage stress, improve conditioning and your long-term health. 60% of active adults healthy adults don’t breathe properly and this can be a barrier to long term health. Combine breath training techniques with movement and core integration for a mobility class unlike any other.

class three — centered

Sunday February, 16th

10:00 am

Find your center, by prioritizing one of the most important structures in the human body - your spine. The benefits of this class are both physical and mental. Physically, this class will help improve circulation, oxidation, lymphatic stimulation and nutrient uptake to the brain and body  by placing emphasis on segmental mobility and stability of the spine. You’ll learn to move through each segment of the spine, identifying and addressing restrictions along the way. Mentally, you’ll step back from the athletic intensity and daily stresses of life to reset and unwind from the inside out. Prioritizing the spine has been shown to significantly improve mood, mitigate pain because 90% of our nutrient uptake is governed by the spine's ability to move.

class four — aligned

Sunday February, 23rd

10:00 am

Bones and muscles are meant to work together in unity. Inactivity, lack of mobility or aging can reduce joint health and reduce elasticity in our tissues, leaves you tired, stiff and sore. Reclaim your youthful bounce. This class uses circular joint mobility, with dynamic, rebounding movements to gently recondition the nervous system, and connective tissues of the body. This class is like a proprioceptive party for your nervous system designed to melt stress and lift your mental state.

class five — moved

Sunday March, 1st

10:00 am

The perfect prescription to erase daily aches and pains. Applying circular mobility and muscle-specific sequences to improve articular joint health, you’ll tap into neglected areas of your body through intelligently sequenced bodyweight movements for every joint in the human body. Emphasizing the thoracic spine, the hips, shoulders, and neck, because we know that these higher risk areas are coming in hot. Cool them off here.

class six — restored

Sunday March, 8th

10:00 am

Lean into restoration hard. Explore a variety of gentle and dynamic movements to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize. Combined with soft myofascial regeneration techniques to provide a deep release. This class is ground based for full decompression and relaxation. Let these sequenced series of fascial based fluid flows marinate, steep and soothe the mind and body, leaving you fully restored.

class seven — connected

Sunday March, 15th

10:00 am

Strength and flexibility go hand in hand - when you fuse the two, you create a more balanced, healthy, holistic approach that is deeply rooted in moving you closer to longevity. Movement and Mobility challenges every person differently. We honour that journey here. This class brings the previous six classes full circle, deepening your understanding of your own movement. In this full body experience you'll apply fluidity to your strength based mobility practice with non-traditional movements designed to access greater freedom and a greater sense of play.

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