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Enhance recovery in under 30-minutes with this movement series to restore, reset, and refocus your body and mind.

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Durable Movement blends the science of therapeutic movement, and the energetic anatomy of regeneration techniques to deliver classes that are the perfect balance to reset, restore, and refocus and all under 30-minutes.

These classes may look, and feel like yoga, but they draw from dozens of therapeutic modalities. The focus is to improve joint health and build mobility and stability that emphasizes the feeling of alignment through intuitive-based sequences in a guided learning experience that extends well beyond the mat.


EveryBODY moves differently, and these Durable Movement Classes are your chance to tune in and listen to what your body needs to move and feel better. You'll leave feeling increased range-of-motion, improved tissue regeneration, and expanded awareness.

These classes provide education on how to better understand and self manage your health through a guided learning experience. You’ll learn pain education in a therapeutic environment to relieve your daily aches and pains while improving your movement around any current health condition. 

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The Durable Movement Classes are a four-class series that are progressive and flow together. Each class is carefully curated to create a sensory-rich environment starting with a guided movement meditation around the anatomy and physiology of the class theme, Qi Gong breathwork, and reflexology to deepen your individual needs and strengthen the nervous system.


The specific focus of each class is unique, using intuitive-based movement to learn how to better maximize usable ranges of motion, joint strength and overall  flexibility. This blend of scientific and energetic alignment principles allows you to explore the concepts related to pain science to reduce daily aches, improve mindset and whole-person recovery care. Designed to enhance your body's natural recovery process, these classes are the perfect complement to your current or existing training program. 


Classes conclude with a regenerative focus using resonance breathwork, and lymphatic stimulation to raise the body’s vibration, balance energy and strengthen the nervous system

Who is this class for? 

If you’re a human this class is for you. If you're sore, stiff, or in pain from an injury, training, aging, or daily life Durable Movement is the ideal blend of education and therapeutic movement. It is ideal if you are looking to improve joint and tissue care. No matter if you are a competing athlete, a recreational mover or looking to reduce symptoms related to a health condition this class is designed with you in mind. Durable Movement is also highly beneficial for healthcare providers to build an integrated movement and restorative-based skillset to bridge the gaps between clinical interventions, movement therapy, and performance.

Why get the 4-class series rather than just 1 class?

When you purchase the 4-class series, you will experience a progressive series of classes that are designed to deepen your understanding of your personalized movement needs. You save $$ AND get the experience of building your movement competency to learn to further personalize your experience by exploring complementary mobility and movement modalities to improve your joint and tissue health.


Push play and follow along

When you purchase the 4-class series you will instantly get an email with all four x 30-minute Durable Movement Classes sent to your inbox. The four classes are designed to be followed in a specific order, but you're welcome to do them however best fits your needs. The classes are able to be played on any device and include follow along tutorials, guided alignment cues, and variations along the way. 

Yes, I want instant access to the ENTIRE 4-class series!


   4-classes for ONLY $29!

Exploration Series

*prices at checkout in USD





If you want to try one or two classes out pick your favorite and download it now. 

Each single 30-minute class is $9

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class 1


This class is a deep dive into the physical and energetic aspects of building awareness from the ground up. The perfect prescription to erase daily aches and pains. Applying joint mobility and muscle-specific sequences to improve articular joint health, you’ll tap into neglected areas of your body through the use of intuitively  sequenced therapeutic movements, combined breath-work, and self administered reflexology. Emphasizing the thoracic spine, the hips, shoulders, and neck, because these areas are coming in hot. Cool them off here. 

class 2


Lean into restoration hard and tap into the power of breath and prana. This is a restorative ground-based practice that focuses on cultivating space in the spine, shoulders, and thoracic cage to improve posture. Explore a variety of gentle yin-style movements using restorative-based props to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize for a deep release. Learn how to breathe more effectively to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and improve your long-term health.

class 3


Creating awareness is the first step towards creating change. This class does this by blending the body's natural energetic anatomy and physiology of the chakra system. Through prioritizing your spine you will help improve circulation, oxidation, lymphatic stimulation, and nutrient uptake to the brain and body. Placing emphasis on segmental mobility and stability of the spine, you'll learn to free up space in the joints and improve flexibility. Step back from the athletic intensity and daily stresses of life to nourish and unwind from the inside out. 

class 4


Bones and muscles are meant to work together in unity, but inactivity, lack of mobility or aging can reduce joint health and reduce elasticity in your tissues, leaving you tired, stiff, and sore. This is a dynamic, rhythmic class dedicated to reclaiming your youthful bounce. Blending strength and flexibility you'll learn to gently recondition the nervous system, and connective tissues of your body using gentle rebounding and intuitive movement. This class is like a proprioceptive party for your nervous system designed to melt stress and lift your mental state.

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