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weekly 75-minute movement class to restore, reset, and refocus your body and mind 

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Durable Movement blends the science of healing biomechanics, pain education, and the energetic anatomy of regeneration techniques to deliver a 75-minute class that is the perfect balance to reset, restore, and refocus you for the week ahead.

This class may look, and feel like yoga, but it draws from dozens of therapeutic modalities. The focus is to improve joint health and build mobility and stability that emphasizes the feeling of alignment through intuitive-based sequences in a guided learning experience that extends well beyond the mat.


EveryBODY moves differently, and these Durable Movement Classes are your chance to tune in and listen to what your body needs to move and feel better. You'll leave feeling increased range-of-motion, improved tissue regeneration, and expanded awareness.

These classes provide education on how to better understand and self manage your health through a guided learning experience. You’ll learn pain education in a therapeutic environment to relieve your daily aches and pains while improving your movement around any current health condition. 

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The Durable Movement Classes are a four-class series (Grounded, Expanded, Centred, and Aligned) that are progressive and flow together. Each class is carefully curated to create a sensory-rich environment starting with a guided movement meditation around the anatomy and physiology of the class theme, breathwork, and reflexology to deepen your individual needs.


The specific focus of each class is unique, using intuitive-based movement and energetic alignment principles while exploring the concepts related to pain science to reduce daily aches, improve mindset and whole-person recovery care.


Classes conclude with a regenerative focus using resonance breathwork, and lymphatic stimulation to raise the body’s vibration and balance energy.

Recorded class & bonus videos
Beyond the 75-minute weekly live class, you’ll get a recording of that weeks class to do in your own time or again. Plus you get 3 additional 15-minute follow-along videos specifically focused on the spine, hips and shoulder complexes for you to use between the weekly classes. These videos are ideal to further improve your joint and tissue health for continued therapeutic benefits for the longevity of your health, training, and life well beyond the class session.

 Who is this class for?  

If you’re sore, stiff, or in pain from an injury, training, aging, or daily life Durable Movement is the ideal blend of education and therapeutic movement. It is ideal for people who are looking to improve joint and tissue care. No matter if you are a competing athlete, a recreational mover or looking to reduce symptoms related to a health condition this class is designed with you in mind. Durable Movement is also highly beneficial for healthcare providers to build an integrated movement and restorative-based skillset to bridge the gaps between clinical interventions, movement therapy, and performance.

Why sign up for 4-weeks rather than just dropping in?

When you register for the 4-week series, you will experience a progressive series of classes that are designed to deepen your understanding of your personalized movement needs. You save $$ AND you get a different weekly video delivered to your inbox right after the class to continue to personalize your experience and improve your joint and tissue health all week long.

The next Durable Movement Series starts Sunday, March 22nd, 2020.

Classes are every Sunday for 4-weeks.

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drop into a class

If you can't make all 4 classes or you're waiting for the next series to begin drop into one or as many upcoming classes as you like. A few drop-in spots are open each week, but you must reserve your spot in advance.

$39 drop-in rate. Reserve your spot below.



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2 fun


1. Salt & Spirit Wellness facility sets a unique foundation! Underneath the hardwood floor is a bed of crystals that work to ground, balance, energize, and fortify your body-breath-mind connection.

2. Instructor Sarah Jamieson was an active board member and Chair of Fundraising for Pain BC a nationally recognized not-for-profit transforming the way chronic pain is understood and supported. Sarah was also presented with the Queen Diamond Jubilee award in 2013, for raising 2 million dollars for over 57 organizations worldwide.