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Get MORE out of your current training program by adding DURABLE TRAINING...

...The active recovery training program

add-on to compliment & integrate

into every training or

fitness program on the market...

When it comes to performance and fitness, you can train to push past your threshold…

go further, get there faster, be lighter, lift heavier and last longer

...but you can't do it like you did when you were in college. Your body needs something different to be durable and excel beyond the ease of being young, and the wear and tear your glory days and good times put on your body.

As you get into your 30s and beyond, you just aren't able to pull out that killer spin move and drive to the hoop anytime you're playing ball with your friends or kids.


Your back, your knee, your neck... something seems to always tweak or feel stiff stopping you from the magnificence your 18-year-old self vividly recalls.


Pain, injury and time have slowed you down half a step and limited you're daily readiness to be as awesome as you feel in your mind...


...But there is a way to get back there... Never again worry about should you dive for the ball at your co-ed softball tournament or family beach volleyball game. Or hesitate at pushing out a heavier set at the gym because you're worried about "feel it in all the wrong ways tomorrow".  

Training is the answer, but the real daily readiness and energy that you're seeking is built through Durability, which is not found in your current training program. 

That is why I made Durable Training. An active recovery training program that fits into EVERY TRAINING PROGRAM out there...


...And the best part is it seamlessly integrates around your current training to help you feel less fatigued and the best part is it will leave you feeling recovered and stronger.

Within your current training program, you already have rest or off days. What Durable Training does is gives you specific active recovery programming on those couple lighter days to maximize your days on. 


Active Recovery is the essential part of being durable for everyday readiness is so you don't have to worry about tweaking your back, your knee, your neck. Recovery is not the same as rest or off days. Recovery is active, and needs to be specific so that you can enhance your body’s natural recovery process… to be better able to increase your performance, safeguard your joints and clean up movement restrictions so you won't be slowed by pain or injury.


Active recovery is the key… And Durable Training is the simple 12-week integrated program that you add to your current training to create a resilient body, for many decades to come.

Get startED WITH durable training today!

12-week program for only $78

Durable Training is NOT your typical training program. It is the result of being in the fitness industry for over 20 years and seeing the pain, injury, rehab cycle that people get into beyond their 20s. I've created, taught and used hundreds of training programming, but they all exclude programming for active recovery. Yet this is the most important part of training over the age of 30. Your body simply changes and requires different movements in order to keep you mobile, stable and ready for whatever activity you want to jump into without worrying. 

Durable Training is about less is more. This program is NOT filled with hundreds of videos, 90-minute workouts, progressions, regressions, and dozens of exercises for every day of the week. Your current training program already gives you all this.

What Durable Training does is works around your existing training program by adding two active recovery days to your off, rest or pre-habilitation days. These carefully programmed days are lighter, lower threshold training to enhance your body’s natural recovery process and leave you feeling more energized and better ready to tackle your day, and get more out of your next training session. 


Durable Training does this by focusing on refining your quality movement, cleaning up movement limitations developed over time, and improving connection to your nervous system. Durable Training gives you the opportunity to work into different positions, ranges-of-motion and allows you to learn your movement using different tools that directly benefit your main training program and daily physical readiness.


Durable Training may feel uncomfortable at first because it’s a different way of training your body. It specifically focuses on areas of movement that are not optimal. If you want to make gains you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone. But the uncomfortable will only last a short period of time if you stick with it. And the results will make long-term improvements to your daily readiness and primary training program results. 

Why Durability and Durable Training are so important is your nervous system is designed for survival first, not performance. This is why you crash when constantly pushing your thresholds. And why Durable Training is built on a health first model. When your nervous system detects a problem in its primary function—like a joint that is not able to move properly or a movement pattern that is limited—your body will put on the brakes to protect the whole system. This shutdown is universal. And is most often a result of compensation over time that was not corrected—either through compensated movement during training or sedentary living.

That is where Durable Training shines.

It focuses on a few key evidence-backed corrective exercises that are specifically programmed in and around your current training to help you progress through limitation and to give you greater shoulder mobility, hip stability, knee strength, neck mobility and overall range of motion or greater control over your stability and strength.

The simple movements programmed take focus and intent on every rep, and requires a high degree of central nervous system activation and function, which is why you'll get amazing results when you integrate Durable Training!

durable training

the "go to" recovery and prehab program

Durable Training 12-Week Product Image w

what's included in the program?

Durable Training is a 12-week program that interlaces with your current primary training program. It works on three 4-week cycles that focus on hinge, squat, pull and push. Each week and cycle progresses throughout the program. Durable Training uses two active recovery training days each week. Simply follow your current monthly program and integrate the two weekly Durable Training days provided. Durable Training can also be used as a stand-alone primary training program, with two integration options giving you 4 days of training per week.  

12-weeks of PROGRAMming

2 movement training sessions per week for 12-weeks, programmed into your current training. Each week focuses on one primary pattern - hinge, squat, pull and push. Using 3 4-week cycles that build upon each other.

video tutorials

Every movement programmed is linked to a demonstration video, along with written coaching cues so you can confidently perform each movement.


Each 4-week cycles builds on the last, as well as, week-to-week progressions. I do this by adding in changes to body position, rotation and stability so that no matter your fitness level or injury you can follow along and build on your movement competency.

Movement testing

Every 4-week cycle you focus on one key movement pattern using a tutorial in order to help you better understand your movement and track your progress through increased range of motion, improved quality of movement and reduced pain.

HOW TO INTEGRATE the program

Durable Training can either be integrated into your current training program, or used on its own as a stand-alone training program. The 12-weeks of programming don't change, you simply follow a different schedule.


However, the ideal way to use Durable Training is to integrate it into your primary training program as illustrated in option 1. Do so by following your current fitness or performance programming and integrate the 2 Durable Training workouts given each week. They should be scheduled into your current programs off, rest recovery, light or lower threshold days as shown.

Using it as a stand-alone program is best if you don’t currently have a training program or your goal is to build a foundation of movement, or bridge the gap between injury, time-off and getting back into fitness or performance. If you want to use it as a stand-alone program there are two options for you to perform Durable Training 4 times per week every other day.

Option 2 allows you to dive deeper into one singular foundational pattern per week. Option 3 allows you to focus on all four foundational movement patterns per week.

Option 1

Integrated into your primary training program

table 1.png

Sample week

Option 2

One pattern per week

for 3 x 4-week cycles

table 2.png

Sample 4-week cycle

Option 3

Four pattern per week

for 3 x 4-week cycles

table 3.png

Sample 4-week cycle

What will Durable training Do For You? 

Get amazing results!

Durable Training is packed full of easy to use amazing content that will help get you life-changing results. See what other people are saying. This program is for everybody and every body!


- Dr. John Rusin, Performance and Fitness Expert 

What sets Sarah apart from other coaches is her true expertise of movement that transcends training, rehab and beyond. Sarah’s versatile knowledge of movement creates dynamic environments for her clients to physically thrive no matter the goal at hand, and that’s exactly why her work has been so successful in bridging the gaps between clinical rehabilitation and performance. Her Pain Free Movement & Recovery System is the perfect supplement to any strength or performance program, including many of my programs that have been co-managed with synergistic success. Sarah's passion and resilience to maintaining long-term health in herself and her clients is one of the keys reasons she was hand picked to serve as a lead instructor for the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC) that will empower thousands of fitness professionals worldwide each year.


Sarah's durability, teaching, and insights have helped me look at recovery and injury prevention with a refreshing perspective. She is able to guide beginner and experienced movers, coaches, and clinicians to physical transformations. Her information and education is bright spot in the ever-confusing fitness realm. And it is pay-dirt for aging athletes like myself, that still need to run-and-gun with the young lads. As a Marine Corps combat instructor and fitness industry educator if I am hobbling around, I will lose much needed respect from my students and my business will suffer. The fact that I can regularly outperform my students lends credibility to myself, and is because of using Sarah Jamieson's movement and training expertise. 

- Aaron Guyett, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, Master Coach with Living.Fit 

Missy Headshot DOTD_edited.jpg

Sarah Jamieson is one of a kind. She makes learning really complex things simple and fun. She taught us to assess our ranges of motion before certain movements and then we would re-test them after and there was some serious change in such a short time. It was so cool. This girl really knows her stuff and makes learning fun, digestible and applicable. You won't a coach like this just anywhere. She REALLY cares about people and is a lifelong learner whom I respect and trust fully.

- Missy Bunch, Z Health & 

Desk Of The Desk Co Founder

I guarantee this program will help you move better

30_Days_Money_Back_Guarantee_badge gold.

I know this program will work for you, that's why I’m offering a money back guarantee. It’s worked for countless people already, so I know it will help you too.

The guarantee is simple: If you do the program for 30 days and are unhappy with the program or the results, show me your progress tracker and that you reached out for help throughout the program’s duration, and I’ll give you all your money back – guaranteed. That’s it.

You WILL get as much out of this program as you put into it. I guarantee it.

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what you get when you sign up

Easily integrates into EVERY fitness and training program on the market


Only 2 days a week of lighter, lower threshold active recovery training


Programming that is customized to improve your movement limitations and help you make bigger gains in your current training program


Key movement pattern focus (hinge, squat, push and pull) using varied movements and instructions not found in your current training program


Train your nervous system through simple movements that keys on every rep, and requires a higher degree of activation, function and focused breathing


A new Durable Training program at the beginning of every month


2 built-in options to upscale Durable Training to be a (4 days a week) primary training program

all this for only $78

get STARTed with durable training TODAY!

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increase performance. injury proof your joints. erase pain.

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