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What will Durable training Do For You? 

  • All workouts can be done anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment. All you will need is a variety of bands, your bodyweight and some load such as kettlebells, dumbbells, clubs or steel maces.


  • This 4-week monthly program easily integrates into your current workout routine so you can maximize your time at the gym while spending more of your free time with your friends and family.


  • Strength is important, but only best achieved through excellent movement. This program is set for you to build ideal movement so that you no longer get hurt in the gym building strength or playing the sports you love. 


  • Tain better. This program offers different progressive levels of difficulty so that no matter your fitness level or injury history you can keep your body mobile, strong and healthy for a lifetime.


  • Crush your PRs without breaking your body by learning how to move smarter so that you can squat deeper, run further and recover faster



  • Built to give you the results you want so that you can stay motivated every day, and continue to improve your training, your lifts and your quality of movement for years to come.


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increase performance. bulletproof your joints. erase pain.