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Learn from me is a kinaesthetic educational platform for the fitness enthusiast, trainer, strength coach or clinician looking for personal 1-on-1 customized integrative  mentorship consulting. Working together we co-create how to apply the concepts of a trauma-aware practice that holds space for addressing the most challenging area for clients and trainers - intuitive based programming around pain, limitation and sensory based challenges. 


             or 1-on-1

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from me





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Trauma-informed coaching for trainers, coaches and fitness practitioners who are seeking to expand or transform their business model to one with a trauma-informed space holding approach. Creating a successful health and fitness business is more than just a great product, idea or space - it's helping humans thrive.

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All webinars are a guided-mentorship learning experience for personal trainers and movement professionals to learn more about embodying a trauma-aware and trauma-informed practice through pain education and how movement  therapy can be your most meaningful educational agent when working with people experiencing pain, trauma or sensory based challenges.

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