Learn from me is a kinaesthetic educational platform for the fitness enthusiast, trainer, strength coach or clinician looking for personal 1-on-1 customized integrative coaching or mentorship coaching. Working together I will teach you how to apply the concepts of Durability and give you the results you want by addressing the most challenging area for clients and trainers - intelligent sound programming around pain and limitation.


             or 1-on-1


from me





This Durable Coaching 6-Week Course is a mentorship-style program focused on pain education for active adults. This course gives you the tools to recognize, assess and better understand pain and movement as an educational tool that you can instantly use with your clients. 





My consulting is perfect for trainers, coaches and clinicians who are seeking to expand or transform their business model. Creating a successful health and fitness business is more than just a great product, idea or space.


These ongoing mentorship-style workshops are designed for personal trainers and movement professionals to learn more about pain education and how movement  can be your most meaningful educational agent when working with people experiencing pain.