My One-on-one trauma-informed coaching and professional business consulting services will are tailored to address the most challenging area for clients and trainers – trauma-informed care and intuitive-based education and programming around pain-care and movement therapy. Combining NLP, Somatics and trauma-informed space holding I guide health and fitness practitioners how to intelligently and compassionately implement trauma-informed space holding on and off the gym floor. 


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Trauma-informed Movement Therapy sessions are a wholistic integrated approach. These sessions are 1-1.5 hours long and aim to enhance your well-being by bridging the gaps between the clinical, movement and performance continuum. 

After an initial consultation and a comprehensive movement assessment, I curate each session specifically to your goals and needs while ensuring you feel safe and supported throughout the experience. 

Using a kinaesthetic educational approach, I can help you mitigate persistent on-going symptoms of pain. Movement Re-Education and Movement Therapy sessions use intuitive corrective-based movement, breathing, behavioral mindset coaching and regenerative techniques to clean up and clear out physical, mental and/or emotional imbalances so you can get back to enjoying the activities you love with ease.

Through a collaborative effort between you and me, we will develop a monthly program so that you can continue to build intuitive strength, body-positive awareness and sustainable self-care. This style of longevity-based programming creates space for physical freedom to become accessible at any fitness level.


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Got an idea or info product you want to flush out?

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Want to learn more about trauma-informed space holding and trauma-sensitive coaching on and/or off the gym floor?

I work with Ideas that move.

More than ever, the health and fitness industry needs to shift and work together to help challenge the health and fitness and move towards a trauma-aware, trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed care model. If you are looking to grow, expand and transform your business. I am here to assist you with navigating the fitness business challenges during uncertain times. 

These consulting sessions are 1-1.5 hours long. In a collaborative approach, we start with a discovery business consultation and business assessment to take the time to understand your current business model better and your ambitions moving forward. 

My approach helps you achieve personal and professional understanding by providing strategic business coaching and mentorship. With 22 years of experience as a personal trainer, NLP Practitioner, Leadership Coach, and the owner of a successful in-person and online business, I can help you take immediate action to grow. 

Consulting opportunities are perfect for trainers, movement and fitness professionals seeking to develop or refine their systems and processes. Not matter if you are looking to integrate pain education and trauma-informed coaching into your business model or looking to create something new like an online product or program, I can help you get there.

To get started, please reach out below to book a session via email. I will provide you more information on booking in for an initial consultation and business assessment. 



All new clients begin with an initial consultation and a comprehensive Movement Screening.

The assessment process is progressive and designed to give us insight into your current movement literacy to identify compensations that may be getting in the way of your goals. 

The comprehensive assessment includes a Postural-Gait Screen, Functional Durability Screen and the (FMS) Functional Movement Screen to test different areas such as usable joint range of motion, functional flexibility, balance, stability and foundational human movement.

This assessment also includes a breathing screen. The B-IQ Breathing Test focuses on prioritizing respiratory health to establish your best breathing practices as we continue to navigate COVID-19. 


This assessment process is the first step towards developing your sessions and the daily practice of take-home corrective-based programming or monthly programming. This personalized approach allows you to discuss your current challenges, barriers, pain self-care habits and health indices in a safe and supportive environment. 

Every consultation includes a review of your medical, health, and fitness intakes, as well as a comprehensive movement assessment.