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Moon Kits are the perfect blend of myth and science. 


Each kit has been carefully crafted to work with the energy of the upcoming new and full moon cycle, which pulls guidance from wildcrafting, herbalism, Somatics and the neuroscience of  safety. 

Choose from a variety of Moon Kits for greater expansion, personal development, and emotional resilience as you work with your personal ritual kit under the guidance of the Moon and her various cycles.

   the spells we  weave




Moon Kits Available: 

  • Prosperity Moon Kit

  • Dream State Moon Kit 

  • Connection Moon Kit


Each Moon Kit Includes the following:

This is an interactive ritual and is designed to support your nervous system as you move through the Winter Solstice. You will receive a guided ritual, complete with a pre-recorded 20-minute Somatics Movement Practice chosen to help you embody the warmth of the winter.

Spell Candle: You will receive one large white candle that is hand rolled with herbs, botanicals, oils and adorned with a crystal specific to each kit's intention. As well as a coloured candle for your intention ritual.

Blessing bottle:  A 10ml spell jar to accompany your spell candle. Collected on the Full Moon in Taurus: sand from Kitsilano Beach, bonfire ashes, purified rice, herbs. Each bottle is crafted for each specific moon kit to enhance their desired intention.

Bath Salts: A blend of wildcrafted and organic herbs, sea salts, epsom salts and pink Himalayan sea salts to soothe the nervous system. You will receive a 1.5oz glass jar with a unique blend of herbs and wildcrafted botanicals for your bath and a choice of fresh botanicals to choose from.

Cleansing Moon Water: You will receive a 10 ml amber glass roller bottle. A unique blend of essential oils; with cedar as a base note and fresh rose and hibiscus as top notes. This clearing water can be used in place of Florida Water and is made with witch hazel.

Anointing Ritual Oil: You will receive a 15ml amber glass bottle with dropper; which is infused with Cedar, Rosemary, Rose, Rose hips and Cloves. This can be used on the body or on your candles.

A Guided Ritual: I offer a script to move through, along with 3 scrolls for you write your intentions: one to use for your candle, one for your blessing bottle and one ceremonial burn to complete the ritual.


Moon Kits can be purchase at Kits Beach Coffee (1945 Cornwall Street). I have 12 Moon Kits available for purchase. They make a great gift for the holidays and for personal celebration. 


Your Investment: $60 plus tax