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Ritual Kits are the perfect blend of myth and science. 


Each kit has been carefully crafted to work with the energy of the upcoming new and full moon cycle, which pulls guidance from wildcrafting, herbalism, Somatics and the neuroscience of  safety. 

Choose from a variety of Moon Kits for greater expansion, personal development, and emotional resilience as you work with your personal ritual kit under the guidance of the Moon and her various cycles.

   the spells we  weave




Each kit is curated around one of the  Astrological planets, a zodiac sign or a Tarot Archetype. 

Each kit includes an Oracle Card or Classical Tarot Card, Astro-Knowledge Scroll, Corresponding Tarot Archetype Scroll, Poetry, Art, a Coloured corresponding chime candle and elemental gift (Floral Body Oil, Ceremonial Incense, Spell Bottle, or Floral Smoke Wand).


Small Kits comes with a coloured chime candle and an elemental gift
Larger Kits include all of the above, additional altar jar and a large Hand rolled Botanical  Soy Candle.

July's Astro Kits

Zodiac Kits: 

Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Aires, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Gemini

Tarot Kits:

The World, The Hanged  One, The Chariot, and the The Star

Choose One, Take it home, be inspired. Get them at Kits Beach Coffee



Small Batch Botanical Candles

Each hand-rolled soy white candle is rolled in layers of essential oils, herbs and wildcrafted botanicals. Then adorned with a crystal specific to candles intention. As well as a coloured chime candle for your intention ritual.

Each candles blend of herbs, oils and stones is intended to help you bring the guidance, warm, and clarity you desire for any endeavour.  Each candle is created under a full or new moon with specific intentions related to the astrological placements and moons cycle.

You can purchase these small batch candles at Kits Beach Coffee, 1945 Cornwall Street

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