A daily practice focused on the thing that matters most—your physical health and longevity.

The Durable


Get Access To The Most Transformative Daily Movement Library In The World

The Durable Membership will enhance your life by investing in the thing that matters most—your physical health and longevity. This is more than a monthly membership; it's a movement enhancement system that builds your physical freedom through a kinaesthetic educational approach to movement, joint mobility, and pain management.

 This monthly membership gives you access to hundreds of videos in a constantly growing library that provides you with the structure and the flexibility to create your own daily practice. In addition, you get a new progressive series added each month using an integrative blend of movement and therapeutic modalities. The Durable Membership will give you a sense of agency to discover the tools to live your best, most resilient life.  

the durable membership

Durable Mobility Collection

Get access to new videos every month programmed specifically for the spine, hips, shoulders, neck, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, and feet. They are easy to follow-along and give the freedom and flexibility to fit in and around your daily routine.


The monthly videos are a progressive series so that you can continue to work week-to-week on enhancing ranges-of-motion, joint and body control, resiliency, and physical longevity in standing and ground-based options.

Improve range-of-motion and joint resilience daily

Build strength and body control to mitigate pain and injury

Reconnect with your body through a monthly progressive series

Length of videos vary from 5-minutes to 10 -minutes so you can choose one or combine videos for your own practice

durable recovery collection

EveryBODY needs recovery and these restorative-based flows are your chance to tune-in and listen to what your body needs daily. Every video is carefully curated to create a sensory-rich environment starting with a guided movement meditation, breathwork, and reflexology to deepen your individual needs and strengthen your nervous system. 


Blending the science of healing biomechanics, pain care, and dozens of therapeutic modalities you'll place emphasize on alignment in a guided learning experience that extends well beyond the mat. Inspired by the signature Durable Movement Classes Grounded, Expanded, Centered and Aligned.


Enhance the recovery process through an intuitive-based regenerative flow series


Learn to step into restoration and recovery as meditation in action

Aquire a deep sense of strength, ease and connectivity with your mind and body

All videos are 20-30 minutes with new videos added monthly

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movement screening education

I make it easy for you to learn the importance of establishing the baseline with screening movement, joint structures, posture, and breathing. There are dozens of videos already ready for you and more educations tutorials added monthly.

Learn how to identify and address common complaints and movement limitations for the active adult or painful mover

Learn how to integrate many of the traditional movement screening systems 

New videos and tutorials added monthly related to movement, joint testing, breathing mechanics, posture, visual and vestibular protocols.

the movement library 

Get full access to my comprehensive movement library with over 800 videos and growing to create your own custom video-based programming or daily movement practice. 


Find what you need, when you needs it with our easy to use Creative Index System

Exclusive how-to videos and tutorials added weekly based on member requests.  

Create custom daily programming from hundreds of videos categorized by pattern or joint complex

exclusive member support

At the beginning of every month you will receive an exclusive coaching email where I offer recommendations on approaching client care, testing for a specific movement limitation, suggestions on personalizing your corrective experience. These are designed to guide you through each unique monthly series and beyond.

Monthly Coaching Email

A monthly group coaching email designed to offer you insights and on-going education

Monthly Community Calls

Becoming a member means being part of a community. Connect with your coach and peers, check in and ask questions in our monthly group call.

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