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Have you ever exercised to get in shape only to watch your progress slip away with one pinch, pull, tear, or pop?


Forcing you to take ‘time off’ from the gym to heal?


The Pain Free Movement & Recovery System will change your life by fixing the thing that matters most—your physical health. 


The best part is, all of these Durable Programs are designed to easily compliment in and around your existing training or fitness program to bulletproof your joints, erase pain, increase your performance and make your body virtually indestructible.

I make it easy for you to achieve your goals…


…To perform a greater quality squat or dead lift, improve your overhead lifts, or injury proof your body for a lifetime of pain free enjoyment. 


The Pain Free Movement & Recover System uses evidence-backed corrective exercises specifically programmed to give you greater shoulder mobility, hip stability, knee strength, neck mobility and overall range of motion.

There’s nothing else in the fitness industry like these Durable Programs. I have tested them with the leading fitness programs to insure optimum compliment to best increase the results you get with your current training or coaching programming.


Durable Mobility

The foundational Daily Durability 30-Day Program is designed to enhance your movement lifestyle. ​In less than 15 minutes a day I’ll show you how to fit these simple movements around your existing training without spending more time at the gym. In 3 easy steps you’ll get the key to optimizing your recovery between workouts and daily life so you can feel energized all day.

Durable Training

Durable Training works around your existing exercise program by adding active recovery to your off, rest or pre-habilitation days. These carefully programmed days are lighter, lower threshold training to enhance your body’s natural recovery process and leave you feeling more energized and better ready to tackle your day—and get more out of your next training session

Durable Coaching

For the fitness enthusiast, trainer, strength coach or clinician looking for 1-on-1 customized integrative coaching or take the self-paced 6-week course. Working together I will teach you how to apply Durability to your training, coaching and injury prevention skill sets.



Get the Daily Durability Program with simple and easy to follow along daily flows to help you immediately increase your range of motion while reducing pain and stiffness.

moveolution 00130_edited_edited.jpg

Use the 12-week Durable Training program on its own, or as an integrated compliment into your current fitness program to increase performance and bulletproof your joints.


1-on-1 coaching options, and a self paced 6-week course to help you fully learn how to apply Durability to your training, programming or injury prevention skill sets.

DURABle Training

DURABle mobility

DURABle coaching

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