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This Ritual Moon Guide offers you inspiration and flow as you move through your Ritual Moon Kit.  Use this guide to further ground you as you navigate the psyche and soma for greater expansion, personal development, and emotional resilience .

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This ritual moon kit is all about looking beyond "what we see" and listening for guidance through the act of rituals and  using divination tools to encourage insight.

Sacred Water - Clearing: Moon water can be used in place of Florida Water. Cleanse your hands prior to spell work, clear your sacred space, clean your crystals, or offer a few drops on your altar to your guides or ancestors. This batch of moon water is handmade and cultivated on the previous full moon.​

Sacred Air - Incantation: Once you’ve cleared your space with moon water, you want to carve the essence of your intension into your white candle with the scrying stick before moving onto lighting your botanical candle and anointing your gold-coloured spell candle.

Ritual Oil - Anointing: Take our your ritual oil and ceremonial incense. Drip the oil on the spell candle, and roll in the herbs. 

Sacred Earth - Concentration: Once you have rolled your spell candle in herbs. You can light the spell candle. Repeat your incantation and let it burn for a minute. Take out your Blessing Bottle and drip wax on the blessing bottle to consecrate your spell and attach your scroll to your blessing bottle. Keep it on your altar as a reminder of your spell.

Sacred Fire - Scrying: Light your botanical candle and speak your divination spell of sacred air one more time. Spend this time gazing upon the flame. Vision Scrying is an ancient form of seeing into an object for personal messages and visions. The candle can be used for multiple rituals.

Ritual Bath - Purification:  To close your ritual, take a warm bath. Place your salts along with the rest of your ceremonial incense. To encourage healing, add fresh botanicals in your ritual bath to enhance your experience.


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