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Durable Coaching will give you the results you want by addressing the most challenging area for clients and trainers - intelligent sound programming around pain and limitation. Every service I offer is built around intelligent programming integration no matter if your goal is to improve mobility, correct movement limitations, gain knowledge in exercise prescription or recovery. Every program is customized for each client. 


These programs are designed for the fitness enthusiast, trainer, strength coach or clinician looking for personal 1-on-1 customized integrative coaching or mentorship coaching. Working together I will teach you how to apply Durability to your training, coaching and injury prevention skill sets. 


MOVEMENT coaching

and custom programming

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Building your body back from injury or a plateau doesn't need to be complicated. It's not about stopping your training; it's about having the right programming for you to quickly get back to your best. As the go-to expert in corrective-based movement I will evaluate, assess and coach you on the skills and confidence to move and train successfully. No matter, if your goal is to increase mobility, get stronger, decrease pain, address movement limitations or learn how to recover faster - I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. Every program is unique. As a strength and movement coach working in both the performance and clinical arenas I have the tools to safely and directly benefit your overall training and daily physical readiness.


The first step in working together is a remote coaching consultation and assessment. I review your health history, answer your questions, assess/screen your movement and provide you custom actionable items to help you immediately. From there, if working together is the best course of action I provide monthly coaching and programming that is fully customized to you.

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1-on-1 consultation & assessment


Want to move and feel better? Start here. I'll assess, identify and address your movement in a guided learning environment to help you better own your health and maximize your performance.


  • 90-minute video consultation that includes a Functional Movement Assessment (FMS Screen and Joint Mobility Advanced testing) a review of your current condition and goal-setting to determine a customized action-plan for you.

  • I'll review your health and training history and intake forms prior to our video consultation.

  • Follow up email correspondence which includes results of your assessment, corrective exercise recommendations and a review of your detailed action plan.

MONTHLY coaching & programming

If you want to make lasting change to your physical health and fitness by building your body back from injury or plateau I will work with you weekly through guided in person or remote coaching. Every package offers custom programming and support coaching built off your consultation and assessment.  

  • In person and remote coaching sessions based on clients needs

  • Custom Programming based on your consultation, assessment, goals and intake forms.

  • On-going review/assessment of movement, progressions/regressions and continuing health history so you can approach your training and movement with confidence. 

  • Weekly follow-up support around session-based assigned notes

  • Access to your custom monthly program online complete with video tutorials of all exercises provided to ensure proper form and safety.

  • 3 month commitment to ensure optimum results and integrated changes.

I also provide business coaching and mentorship to trainers, movement and fitness professionals who are seeking to learn more about Durability and the Pain Free Movement & Recovery System and how to integrate pain education and trauma-informed coaching into your business. Contact me for more information.


online durable coaching

6-week Course

Over the 6 weeks you will develop a greater understanding of how to use Durability in your training, coaching, and life. Learn to assess and screen for movement quality, identify and address common movement limitations with advanced screening protocols, applying corrective movement-based exercise prescription to common injuries, as well as improve recovery and performance through a proactive injury prevention focus.


What makes this course unique is its focus on pain education. Pain is a major barrier to health, which makes it a barrier to effective training, and daily movement. This course will enable you to recognize and better understand pain and movement as an educational tool so that you can better address the challenges faced when working with clients who are dealing with persistent pain. 

The course is offered in two options so that can you work at your own pace. You can choose the self-guided approach, or get coaching support direct from me throughout the course with accountability check-ins, video submissions, emails and notes.





Whenever a potential client contacts me the common reason is they are urgently looking for something different than what they’re currently doing. Most often this focuses around working through pain, injury or restriction more effectively as they’ve had little progress or plateaued success with their current plan.


I approach movement from the perspective of behavioral-based coaching because movement is a behavior. Using an intuitive training model that first assesses for movement red flags to potential pain I ensure that prior to any training, every client has the movement prerequisites. This is key to reduce risk of injury and ensure safe and effective progress that works and lasts.


This is achieved through movement screening using biofeedback testing and corrective intervention strategies to build the foundation for physical capacity. My goal with every client is to empower them to take ownership over their health and movement. To create the space for them to uncover a new appreciation for what their body is capable.



I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, and am a recognized expert resource in corrective exercise prescription. During this time I developed the Pain Free Movement and Recovery System that teaches a systematic approach to maintain and improve joint and tissue health leading to greater strength, performance and longevity. All my Durable programs, workshops and systems compliment and integrate with the clinical and performance fields by using evidence-based corrective exercise, cognitive science and access to essential services to prevent injury and enhance your quality of life.


As a lifelong athlete, I spent 17 years as a competitive marathon runner, using the power of sport to raise nearly 2 million dollars for over 57 organizations worldwide through my community initiative: RUN4ACAUSE and was awarded the Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honor.


I hold advanced certifications through Agatsu Kettlebell, Anatomy Trains for Movement Specialists, Girls Gone Strong, and is a licensed Behavioral Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

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