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Pottery can be fun and if can help us to reconnect with our own sense of self, identity, and internal agency. These classes pull guidance from somatics and the art of playing with our hands. Pottery is a tool that uses art of clay play to explore, sense and deep dive into the physical, emotional and inner landscape of an individual that is re-represented through a creative and artistic process. Using premium air clay, you can create your own home decor. 

  clay play 

the art we  weave



Next Class Date: Monday, July 31 2023

Location: 1945 Cornwall Street

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Processing shit is hard. Art and Movement make it easier. 


I offer these classes once a month as a way to encourage play, exploration and sensation. These classes use intuitive, creative, body-based learning within the context of pottery that allows you to explore, communicate and learn more about your own creative pathways using art.

This style of creative expression combines art (pottery, painting and different mediums). 

These classes are guided by Sarah Jamieson (that's me), NLP Practitioner, Somatics Educator, Breath-worker and Intuitive, and aims to hold a brave and creative space to listen and learn from our own internal landscape and internal body-consciousness. While at the same time making a sweet piece of pottery you can take home and adorn on your altar.

Each participant will create their pottery home decor to take home using premium air clay and a variety of artistic mediums, marks, symbols, words, natural materials, and fresh botanicals.


These classes are ideal for people who are pottery hobbits, newbies and recreational hand-builders.

500g of clay and all materials, along with tea to nourish the nervous system are provided and you take home your creations at the end of the evening.

Disclaimer: These classes are for exploratory and informational purposes only. These classes are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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