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Tending To The Nervous System


   tending to 

      the nervous 



Tending to the nervous system is an exploration into the science and energetics of Somatics through a trauma-sensitive movement lens. This webinar is informed by the works of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, Peter A. Levine, PhD and Gabor Mate, MD. This webinar aims to simplify pain and trauma-informed education and is a deep dive into understanding the role of our nervous system in cultivating safety and self-regulation through the lens of movement and Somatics.



This is a pre-recorded webinar, that comes with a bunch of meaningful perks. 


Your webinar package includes:


  • 1-hour lecture

  • Three 20-30-minute somatics movement classes

  • Additional Resources

  • On-going access to the webinar member page


This webinar begins with a brief understanding of the structure and function of the nervous system. 

We lay the foundation with differentiating between the Central Nervous System & the Peripheral Nervous Systems emphasizing the importance of the Somatic & Autonomic Nervous Systems in self-regulation.  Specifically, a deep dive into how to access the Vagus Nerve through balancing the spine, the diaphragms, and Psoas; which can be a powerful ally towards cultivating safety.

This webinar is for personal trainers, strength coaches, movement professionals, and active adults. You’ll learn how to simplify pain education and gain in-depth knowledge on how the nervous system and anxiety can serve to protect us from threat and promote resilience. 

Lastly, you'll explore and experience how to tend to the nervous system with three 20-30-minute somatic-based movement classes curated through a trauma-sensitive lens. These class emphasizes exploration, sensation, and the feeling of curiosity through intuitive-based sequences in a guided learning experience. 

The SOMA Classes:

Class one: This 20-minute class starts with an exploration of subtle joint range of motion. You'll explore the body's natural spirals through subtle rolling to balance the spine, diaphragm and pelvis through guided introspection.

Class two: This 20-minute class starts with gentle tapping to stimulate lymphatic drainage.You'll need a small ball for self-myofascial release and Reflexology of the feet. This class blends  Qi Gong, joint clearing, tapping and rebounding to improve fluid dynamics.  

Class three: This 30-minute class starts with an exploration of expansion through emphasizing the breath. You'll use intuitive-based slow, progressive movement sequences that emphasize deep relaxation, sensation and introspection through various Yin based postures to restore stability for the spine, diaphragm and pelvis.

All this for $37

*prices are in USD

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