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"Magic is real. Reality is a spell."

As a word weaver, I see tarot and oracle cards as a story and interpret how that story weaves with yours.  As a seasoned licensed NLP Practitioner and Somatics Educator, I have spent decades specializing in trauma-informed care work across multiple disciplines.

What makes these offerings unique, is that I blend myth and science, psyche, and soma. To support the card's messages, channel insights, and clear shadows, I offer somatic clearing  and breath-work during the session to help regulate the nervous system. This grounds the psyche and soma for greater expansion, personal development, and emotional resilience. This informs how I design, facilitate, and lead your readings. 

   the stories we  weave



Human existence is messy. And a messy life, is a meaningful life, and therein lies an invitation. Let me introduce you to Tarot Somatics.

Tarot Somatics is a trauma-informed practice that integrates the symbols and meaning of Tarot cards to help you frame your experience, along with exploring the realm of the physical (body), the subconscious (emotions), and the nervous system (safety) through body-based learning, Somatics and NLP Coaching.

Trauma-informed readings are deeply beneficial for people who are seeking:

  • A different and more playful approach to NLP Coaching or Personal Life Coaching

  • Deepening emotional resilience

  • Clear blockages, or self-limiting behaviours/patterns

  • Support through challenging situations or making decisions

  • Feel like you're stuck or suspended and need clarity

  • Learn how to move trapped energy through greater body awareness and sensory perception

  • Deepen your connection to your nervous system and learn strategies for self-regulation

Here's what you can except:

Creative Conversation for Emotional Clarity

I pull guidance from my seasoned experience as an NLP Practitioner, as well as guidance from the cards to draw parallels between the intuitive and energetic, as well as the science of safety and the language of our deeply held narratives. I hold space for creative conversation, emotional support, personal empowerment, and creative expansion.

Somatic-Based Learning for Physical Clearing

To support the card’s messages and hold further space to clear shadows I offer somatic-based therapies, to inspire energetic release. This can show up as breath-work, movement-therapy, lymphatics  and other non-linear therapeutics to support you session and on-going daily rituals. 

Coming in September

I will be offering 2 spots for Tarot Readings every Sunday for in person (IRL) sessions on Sundays between 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm at 1945 Cornwall Street (Kits Beach Coffee) and remote 30 or 60-minutes options. 

Your first step is to book in and fill out my intuitive intake form or email




Join me Sundays for an In person

30-minutes session, includes your choice of a 3-card guidance spread or a 6-card universal growth spread. These sessions are process-focused; and includes energy work, NLP Coaching, Somatics sprinkled with a little myth and magic.

The energetic investment for

this session is $80 


60-Minute IRL or


A 60-minute session includes your choice of an intuitively lead tarot spread for a specific path or direction.  These sessions offer more room for movement and conversation and are process-focused session and includes energy work, NLP Coaching, Body-Based Somatics, sprinkled with a little myth and magic. In person or remote.

The energetic investment for

this session is $160 

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