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The creative practice of reading tea leaves or coffee grounds is an ancient divination art called Tasseography that dates back thousands of years.

Before you begin, take some time to consider a specific question. This is essential to uncovering the meaning of each symbol. Below there are some general guidelines to the meanings of different forms found in your teacup or coffee cup during a coffee reading or tea leaves reading. Remember, to keep it fun, curious and playful.

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This divination kit is all about looking beyond "what we see" and listening for guidance through the leaves or coffee grounds.

Clear Your Environment: Gather your supplies (loose leaf tea, hot water, a light coloured cup and your spell candle). I also encourage having paper and pen for journalling or drawing what you see. Wash your hands, clean the surface of your tea or coffee sippin' area. It's important to start with a clean canvas.

Steep Your Tea or Coffee: As your tea steeps, light your spell candle and spend some time in reflection. Write down your question or thoughts and sit quietly for a few moments. 

Drink Your Tea or Coffee Enjoy your wildcrafted or organic tea or coffee, when you get to the bottom spend some time reflecting on what you see. 

Let's Read the Symbols: A Few Guidelines:

The overall placement of symbols in the cup can change their meanings. Here are a few methods. Find one that resonates with you:


1. Divide the cup into vertical halves (left and right), using the handle to the right as an anchor point. The symbols on the left side are potential negative outcomes, blockages, or obstacles while the symbols on the right are potential positive, strengths, growth outcomes.


2. Divide the cup in the same way but use them to answer "yes" or "no" to the question of the querent.


3. Divide the cup into horizontal halves (top and bottom). The bottom half signifies the past and the top half signifies the future.


4. Reading tea leaves takes practice and the list is endless. To discern your reading take a peek at this website that has a basic, but robust list of symbols. LIST OF SYMBOLS

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