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This 3-part webinar series is designed for personal trainers and movement professionals to learn more about pain education and how movement can be your most meaningful educational agent when working with people experiencing pain.

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I am Sarah Jamieson. I am a personal trainer, strength coach, and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Practitioner. I have spent the last 22 years of my career working bridging, facilitating and supporting people moving from a clinical environment back into foundational movement, performance and just straight up moving pain-free for daily life. This dedication has led me to a 5-year Fundraising Chair and board member positions at Pain BC during 2012-2017, a nationally recognized non-profit organization that aims to transform the way pain is understood and treated in British Columbia. 

I believe that pain doesn't need to be a barrier to living your best life. It just needs to be better understood and managed through coaching and self-leadership. That's why I approach movement as an educational agent for pain education, which allows you to reconnect with your body's natural ability to heal, stay healthy, and stay strong throughout your lifetime. It starts by flipping the script on pain. As trainers and coaches, we have the most contact time than any other healthcare professional. That is why pain education needs to be a tool in every trainer's toolbox.  

Yours in health,

Sarah Jamieson

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Why is understanding pain important?

Pain is a HUGE barrier to health, which makes it a HUGE roadblock for effective training and creating long-term progress and success. As trainers and coaches, we often are taught to refer pain clients out until we have the green light to return to training. But when do you refer out? What happens when we have clients who consistently show up with persistent daily and aches and pains. Even though we do not diagnose or treat, we also can’t ignore persistent pain. We must learn to identify, address and adapt our training models to help guide, support our facilitate self leadership in our clients health and fitness towards pain free movement and performance.

Who is this webinar series for?  

This webinar is for personal trainers and movement professionals and active adults who wish to learn more about pain education and how to use movement as an educational agent for pain care or pain free movement and performance.

Why is this a 3-part webinar?

The rabbit hole is deep. This webinar series is offered as a mentorship-style experience so that you can deepen your understanding of pain and it's role in health and performance. Each webinar is spaced out 2 weeks so that you can take your time applying the knowledge into your own business model and client sessions. This enables you to build out and/or evolve your current system and processes to further personalize your client's experience. Think of this as a 6-week guided learning experience.


What if I can't make one of the live webinars?

No problem,  after each webinar you will instantly get an email with the recorded webinar sent to your inbox. This enables you to watch the webinar at a time that best fits your needs.

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Next webinar series will be held in early Spring 2021

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      webinar 1

the lived experience and pain

In this webinar, I offer an introduction to pain education from a personal trainer’s scope of practice and how the lived experience of pain impacts our perception of pain as individuals and the health and fitness industry. You’ll learn how to reframe and communicate with your clients using a simple approach that effectively starts with the intake process.  Learn the psychology of language and the importance of a client’s written, verbal and lived story.  Learn how to integrate the biopsychosocial model effectivity in a way that can be meaningful to the client - is key to their long-term success.

     webinar 2

screening the painful mover

In webinar two, you learn a practical approach to screening movement and pre-screening for pain using a kinaesthetic educational framework. This process will include exploring the Durability Functional Screen, assessing breathing mechanics and posture and the importance of why we must test for Durability, not just performance to safeguard the long-term health of our clients. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in breakouts and self-screen to start applying the knowledge with their clients instantly.

       webinar 3

programming for painful movers

In webinar three, we pull it together with sound, intelligent programming that uses movement as an educational agent for pain care.  Learn how to navigate programming for a painful mover, which will include progressing from gentle options to working around pain in the performance arena to reduce symptoms and strengthen the nervous system. Here we use a kinaesthetic educational approach to programming to bridge the gaps between pain and performance. This webinar will be almost entirely application and movement with lectures throughout the session. Participants will walk away with a working conceptual framework for working with painful movers towards physical freedom and longevity.

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