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Celebrate the upcoming Full  or New Moon with a creative expression of your own personal intentions guided by your intuition. These workshops pull guidance from somatics , NLP. and creative creations.  Each workshop is unique blend of Wildcrafted Herbalism, and Creative Art.

  Spring FLORALS &

the spells we  weave



Lean into the energy of the Spring Equinox

This is a 2-hour guided workshop to celebrate the start of Spring.

Date: Tuesday, March 21st , 2023

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: 1945 Cornwall Ave

Make Your Floral Bouquet guided by 8b Flower Company

In this workshop you will be guided through making your own personalized floral bouquet using fresh Spring flowers for the local farm. 


Craft Your own Botanical Intention Candle

Craft your own botanical candle with Sarah Jamieson. Learn how to hand-roll your own intention candle with carefully selected botanicals, spices and herbal ally's for the start of Spring and the New Moon in Aries.


Sarah will go over each of the botanicals, herbs and materials used and how these magical ingredients can be used on a New Moon to enhance your desired intention.

A Guided Tarot Reading: 

As we wait for our spell candles to settle, and to close the evening; Sarah Jamieson will offer a group Tarot Somatics Reading for manifesting with the new moon. @sarah_m_jamieson_

Your ticket includes the event, all supplies and signature tea for the start of Spring.


Your investment in this workshop: $89.00 

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