6-Week Online

Durability Coaching Program



This mentorship style program is for you if

you want to dive deeper into understanding

and applying Durability to your training,

programming or injury prevention skill sets


These 6-weeks build upon the fundamentals taught in the Onnit Academy Foundations and Durability Certification’s as well as your Daily Durability Program. Having completed at least one of these prior is important, however it is not required.


Over 6 weeks you will develop a greater understanding of Durability application by learning to assess and screen for movement quality, identify and address common movement limitations, applying corrective movement based exercise prescription to common injuries, as well as improve recovery and performance through a proactive injury prevention focus.


PLUS, you will receive 6-weeks of customized programming that fits in and around your current quality workouts that we will use weekly to work through scalable exercise progressions, and modifications.


Moveolution’s 6-week online Durability mentorship style coaching program offers you 1-on-1 attention in a supportive team environment. You get direct access to me weekly through live video sessions, forms, emails and notes. My goal is to help you better understand and apply Durability to specific areas in your training and life.


No matter your goal, this program can help you get there. Be it building a bulletproof body by getting stronger in a wide range of movements, or if you’re seeking to learn more about managing common injuries, or how to program Durability into your training. Together we’re going to sharpen the tools in your toolbox so you can identify and resist breakdowns better, recover faster, and go further.


  • Weekly video modules to develop a deeper understanding of corrective-movement based theory through a comprehensive joint and tissue health focus.

  • Live Q&A sessions in our facebook closed member site. All video sessions are recorded in case you miss it or want to review it again.

  • 6-week customized Durability program that fits in and around your current quality workouts.

  • Weekly case studies and workbooks that pair with your 6-week program.

  • Weekly scalable corrective-based movement and durability exercise you can use in real-time.

  • You will learn Durability using joint and tissue health modalities, as well as how to program around pain, dysfunction and movement restrictions.

  • 100-page PDF exercise manual and glossary with video links.

  • 6-week PDF Progress Tracker.

  • Durability Functional Screen and Re-Screen PDF with guided instruction in week 1 and week 6 to track your progress.

  • Access to our closed member site, where you can upload your video of the featured exercises for coaching form checks and peer-to-peer support.

  • Connected to a community of people with the same mindset – to get stronger, to move better, to recover faster for both sport and life.


This program is packed full of amazing content that will help get you life and business changing results today. See what other people are saying about how the 6-Week Durability Coaching Program improved their quality of life. 

I had solutions and paths before, but now I have a whole map to redirect people to their goals of moving better and longer.



Whenever a potential client contacts me at Moveolution, the common reason is they are urgently looking for something different than what they’re currently doing. Most often this focuses around working through pain, injury or restriction more effectively as they’ve had little progress or plateaued success with their current plan.


I approach movement from the perspective of behavioral-based coaching because movement is a behavior. Using an intuitive training model that first assesses for movement red flags to potential pain I ensure that prior to any training, every client has the movement prerequisites. This is key to reduce risk of injury and ensure safe and effective progress that works and lasts.


This is achieved through movement screening using biofeedback testing and corrective intervention strategies to build the foundation for physical capacity. My goal with every client is to empower them to take ownership over their health and movement. To create the space for them to uncover a new appreciation for what their body is capable.


As a lifelong athlete, I spent 17 years as a competitive marathon runner, using the power of my sport to raise nearly 2 million dollars for over 57 organizations worldwide through my community initiative: RUN4ACAUSE.

I am the owner of Moveolution, a Vancouver-based Coaching and Consulting company which provides industry-leading tools and education in movement, restoration, and preventative healthcare. My programs and systems compliment the clinical and performance fields by using evidence-based corrective exercise, cognitive science and access to essential services to prevent injury and enhance your quality of life. I am also the Durability Certification Co-Creator at the Onnit Academy, which provides the tools and a systematic approach to maintain and improve joint and tissue health.


I hold certifications through Functional Movement Systems, Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), YogaFit Level 4 Certification, Coaching Pre and Post Natal Certification with Girls Gone Strong, GGS Level 1 (2018), Heart Rate Variability Consulting and the Onnit Academy.





This 6-Week Online Durability Coaching Program begins quarterly and a the next start date will be announced soon. Preference for this program will be given to those who’ve taken Onnit Academy Foundations or Durability Certification’s or working through the Daily Durability Program. Having learned, or been using Durability will be an asset as these 6 weeks will expand upon your experience and help you develop a greater application of Durability.

Starts: Monday, April 8th, 2019

Cost: $247 USD

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